Singer Turns To Kenyans For Financial Support To Offset Sh1.6M Hospital Bill


Kenyan singer, Peter Miracle Baby, alongside his wife Carol Katrue, has reached out to well-wishers and fans across Kenya to assist financially in clearing a daunting medical bill.

The Mugithi singer has found himself in a dire situation again as he faces a substantial hospital bill amounting to Sh1.6 million.

This financial hurdle stands between him and his much-anticipated discharge from hospital care, scheduled for February 12, following his latest surgical procedure.

Carol Katrue, in a recent social media post, shared the couple’s plight, revealing the urgency of their need.

“Guys, we are appealing for funds to pay the bill… Peter will be discharged tomorrow, and the hospital bill is 1.6m now,” she stated, encapsulating the gravity of their situation.

The appeal comes after Miracle Baby underwent his third surgery in a relatively short period, a testament to the severity of his health challenges.

The journey to this juncture has been fraught with medical and financial obstacles for Miracle Baby, who has been battling intestinal obstruction since 2018.

An earlier intervention saw him undergo surgery where his appendix was removed — a procedure that, according to Katrue, was conducted without their prior knowledge.

“When they conducted the CT scan and identified a growth, they performed surgery to remove it. However, upon realizing there was no actual growth, they removed the appendix without informing us,” Katrue disclosed.

Despite these challenges, Miracle Baby seemed to be on the mend until 2023 when his stomach ailments resurfaced with a vengeance.

The singer’s condition necessitated repeated hospital visits, culminating in the latest surgery intended to finally offer him relief from his persistent intestinal complications.

The music community and fans rallied around the singer previously, with fellow artist Karangu Muraya spearheading a fundraising initiative that successfully covered the expenses for Miracle Baby’s preceding surgery.

Now, as Miracle Baby and his family face this new financial challenge, they are once again turning to the generosity and support of Kenyans to help them navigate this difficult time.