Someone Marry This Woman – Kenyan Actress Calls On Potential Suitors To Shoot Their Shots


Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia, popularly known for her role in the TV series Salem, has issued a call to potential suitors, encouraging them to shoot their shots.

Jackie Matubia, a mother of two who had previously asserted her reluctance to be in a relationship, has now expressed that she’s a catch and that someone should consider marrying her.

The announcement comes amid recent criticism and controversies surrounding her personal life.

Matubia took to her Instastory to share a captivating photo of herself adorned in a white cover, accentuated by stunning makeup that highlighted her features.

Initially feeling tired, the actress shifted her perspective upon seeing her upcoming look for a scene, realising her undeniable beauty.

In her own words, she declared, “I was about to complain how tired I am then I saw my next look for my next scene and I’m like, forget what I said. Daaaamn! Mama girls! It’s officially a crime, someone marry this woman.”

Matubia’s statement about her inbox being filled with suitors raised eyebrows, with some criticising her for her approach to relationships and her public persona.