Sophia Momodu Threatens to Escalate the Situation Following Davido’s Response


Following Davido’s tweets that were perceived as a response to Sophia Momodu’s earlier posts about women facing financial bullying, the singer’s first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, has issued a threat in response.

In an earlier report, Davido shared tweets on his Twitter page, featuring a screenshot of him doing his “unavailable” dance and stating that he has no time for “wahala” (trouble).

“I no get for wahala I dey IBIZA!!!!

No vex.”

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He also pleaded with the recipient of his tweet not to be angry. Soon after these tweets went viral, Sophia Momodu took to her Snapchat account and shared a video of two women discussing not caring about the situation.

She added that she will spill the teas if he continues to provoke her.

“Don’t you dare 🧢 or imma set it on all 🔥.”

The exchange between Sophia Momodu and Davido on social media has attracted significant attention as fans and observers are eagerly waiting to see how it develops and whether any further revelations will emerge.