Stop dragging your value with people on social media – Simi


Amid the ranging online bully many celebrities are constantly subjected to, singer and mother of one, Simi, has said it would be a futile attempt for anyone to drag their value with trolls on social media platforms.

Simi, who is married to Adekunle Gold, insisted that the social media space has become a fake imitation of a real life, adding that no troll deserves a response from any right thinking person on social media.

According to her,  the social media is better used to advertise one’s business or craft rather than engaging any futile and meaningless conversations capable of debasing oneself.

“Imagine dragging your value with people on social media. You’re rated cos you are. Know that. Know peace.”

She added further,  saying “Also – last but not the least – put your phone down sometimes and experience the people around you. This place is a mostly fake imitation of real life. Sell your market and put ya phone down. Do it for ur mental.