Tanzanian Gospel Singer Lands In Nairobi For ‘ShushaNyavu’ Concert


The excitement is reaching a crescendo as Tanzanian gospel artist Christina Shusho lands in Nairobi ahead of her highly anticipated concert on December 31, 2023.

With just a few days left, Kenyan fans are buzzing with anticipation for a soul-stirring night of worship, praise, and celebration.

Gospel enthusiasts in Nairobi are on the edge of their seats as Christina Shusho makes her much-awaited arrival in the city.

The clock is ticking with less than four days left until the grand concert. Gospel music lovers across the country are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness Christina Shusho’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics come to life on stage.

Taking to her social media accounts on December 27, Shusho expressed gratitude for the warm welcome she received upon her arrival in Nairobi.

In a message to her Kenyan fans, she urged them to secure their tickets promptly: “Nimewasili Ahsanteni kwa Mapokezi mazuri ndugu zangu Wakenya, kama bado hujapata tiketi yako hujachelewa” (I have finally arrived, thank you for welcoming me. Please grab your tickets; you still have the time).

Renowned for her powerful vocals and inspirational lyrics, Christina Shusho has amassed a dedicated following across East Africa.

Her upcoming concert in Nairobi is not just a musical event; it’s a celebration of her impact on the gospel music scene.

Beyond her solo hits, Christina Shusho is set to collaborate with other artists such as Solomon Mkubwa and Mercy Masika during the concert.

With brisk ticket sales reflecting the overwhelming demand, organizers are urging fans to secure their tickets early to avoid missing out on this gospel extravaganza.

In November 2023, Christina Shusho thrilled fans by announcing her concert in Kenya, citing the ‘high demand by fans.’

Additionally, she confirmed collaboration plans with media personality Daniel Ndambuki, ‘Churchill’.

Since Shusho’s announcement, Kenyan fans have embarked on the ‘ShushaNyavu’ challenge, showcasing their enthusiasm and creative spirit in the lead-up to the concert.

The challenge has become a social media sensation, further fueling the buzz around the gospel artist’s arrival and performance.