Tanzanian Rapper Clarifies Controversial Song Allegedly Dissing Kenya


Tanzanian rapper Nay Wa Mitego has ignited a fiery discussion in both Kenya and Tanzania over the recent release of his new song ‘Wapi Huko’ which has stirred speculations about the song’s targeted audience.

The song, woven with critical lyrics about poor leadership, corruption, and socio-economic challenges, has struck a chord, particularly among Kenyans who believe it mirrors their own country’s situation.

In the song, Nay Wa Mitego paints a picture of a nation that, despite its outward beauty and perceived prosperity, is plagued internally by issues such as unemployment among graduates, a widening gap between the rich and the poor, and society’s moral decay.

He touches on themes like young people’s pursuit of material wealth, neglect of love, and the struggle of single mothers in a money-centric society.

These lyrics have resonated deeply with Kenyans, sparking conversations about the current state of their nation, including the high cost of living and challenges under President William Ruto’s leadership.

Responding to the widespread interpretation of his song, Nay Wa Mitego clarified his intentions, stating, “In my new song ‘Wapi Huko’ I have not mentioned a country’s name but our neighbours in Kenya have decided to claim the song. They have decided that the song is about them 90% and the life they are living right now.”

“But I see also my Tanzanian people arguing that the song is about their country 100% and Kenyans should relax,” he added.

The debate surrounding ‘Wapi Huko’ underscores the influential role of music as a medium for social commentary, provoking critical thought and discussion about political and societal issues in East Africa.