“The bitterness is unbelievable” Sina Rambo’s estranged wife, Heidi Korth defends Sophia Momodu


Heidi Korth, the estranged wife of Davido’s cousin, Sina Rambo has voiced her concerns about women in response to Sophia Momodu’s recent statements regarding financial abuse.

As previously reported, Sophia Momodu expressed her frustration about financial manipulation.

The mother of one emphasized that pressuring a woman into staying by exerting financial control is the most repulsive action a man can take.

Through a series of tweets, Sophia Momodu criticized the Nigerian system for lacking laws that protect women and children.

She questioned why a man would burden a woman with his responsibilities simply because she chooses to move on and build a new life.

Although Sophia did not explicitly mention anyone in her lengthy message, many assumed she was referring to Davido.

In response to Sophia’s remarks, Heidi Korth raised her voice against women who criticized their fellow woman for speaking out.

Describing it as the most detestable act she has witnessed, she questioned why women had abandoned the principle of supporting one another.

“Women bashing women is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen because WHY? Does criticizing another makes you a better person? Ya need to stop this nonsense. The bitterness is unbelievable, what happened to women supporting women? Bruh”.

It is no secret that Korth Adeleke, who is on amicable terms with Sophia Momodu, has taken jabs at Chioma on multiple occasions.