“The book was proving difficult”- Actress Jumoke Odetola laments over her academic struggles as she returns to schoo


Nollywood actress, Jumoke Odetola has started her journey to getting a Master’s Degree but it isn’t that easy.

The movie star, who has returned to school to pursue her Master of Business Administration degree, shared the good news on her Instagram page moments ago as she lamented over the struggles of being a student.

The actress revealed that it has been difficult for her to grasp her book and retain knowledge.

Hence, why she retained her natural look and went on low cut and it did magic for her.

She also noted how it’s her hard-earned money she is using to pay her fees and not her dad’s, hence why she can’t waste her fees.

“STUDENT – Back to school. This time around, “The book” was proving difficult “to enter my head”. So I decided to rock my natural hair & go on a low cut. Biola! It’s working! My school fees must not waste o! This one is my money, not my dad’s.

The human hair wig I was rocking no like book. I yanked it off one time. Ma ko ba mi”.