“The devil is a liar, God is in control” Banky W breaks silence on cheating allegations


Award-winning Nigerian singer, Banky W, has addressed the circulating cheating allegations, breaking his silence on the matter. During a service at Water Brooks Church, Banky W spoke to the congregation, reaffirming his faith and trust in God.

In his address, Banky W dismissed the cheating allegations as the work of the devil, emphasizing that God is ultimately in control. He acknowledged the initial attack he faced but assured everyone that the devil’s attempts were futile.

Expressing his gratitude, Banky W specifically appreciated his wife, recognizing her unwavering support. He declared his eternal gratitude to God for her presence in his life, often spending extended periods of time conversing with her over the phone.

“The devil really didn’t want you to hear this message. In fact, he didn’t want us to enter this series at all. There was an attack at the beginning, but the devil is a liar, and God is in control. And I feel like the devil didn’t want us to hear this. First of all, he didn’t want us to be free.

If I don’t thank God for anything in my life, I thank God for this woman (his wife). I will keep her on the phone for hours.”