‘The hardest place to find love is in Lekki’ – OAP, Nedu reveals


Renowned media personality and On-Air Personality (OAP), Nedu, has once again sparked controversy with his latest opinion, drawing reactions from netizens.

In a recent episode of the popular podcast ‘The Honest Bunch,’ Nigerian comedian Nedu shared his perspective on the challenges of finding love in various parts of the country. Surprisingly, he claimed that it is easier to find love in northern states such as Jos and Gombe compared to the bustling city of Lagos.

Nedu elaborated on his viewpoint, suggesting that in Lagos, the pursuit of genuine affection is often overshadowed by the pursuit of financial gain. He expressed his belief that in other regions of Nigeria, people are more inclined to form meaningful connections without being excessively preoccupied with material possessions or wealth.

Following Nedu’s revelation, a lively discussion has ignited on social media, with individuals sharing their personal experiences and opinions on the subject. While some have agreed with Nedu’s observations, others have countered, asserting that finding love is a complex challenge regardless of geographical location.

The conversation initiated by Nedu’s remarks has shed light on the intricacies of love and relationships, prompting individuals to reflect on their own encounters and perspectives on the matter.