The movie industry is really dead – Beverly Afaglo


Actress, TV presenter, and entrepreneur Beverly Afaglo Baah has lamented the ailing state of the movie industry.

The Ghanaian movie industry has over the years seen little or no revamp, many actors have lashed out at the collapse of the art industry with lots of the players venturing into other side hustles.

Adding her voice to this matter, she mentioned that hope was the only rope they were clinching onto but the comeback seems far-fetched.

Speaking on UTV Showbiz Night, she explained that the lack of funding and unavailable resources are contributing factors to the slumber of the movie industry, also citing private individuals who invest in producing content but don’t make the returns in the long run which is worrying.

“We were holding onto hope, thinking it will bounce back but it seems far-fetched, truth be told the industry is dead. I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues about the industry but in conclusion, we realized there is absolutely nothing happening towards reviving the industry. it is pretty worrying.

“Only Akwaaba magic on DSTV produces content lately by contracting producers of the likes of Shirley Frimpong Manso, Ivan Quarshigah, and Smartys productions. we are doing the best we can but it is not working, Our very own actors turn producers don’t even get their returns when they invest in production.