“The ones you never expect are the ones who cut you by the throat”- Uche Ogbodo flare up at Anita Joseph, others


Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, flared up at those bashing her over her support for a lady who threatened to falsely accuse her male friend of rape.

Taking to her Instagram page, Uche Ogbodo slammed those who were calling her names for always supporting evil.

Defending herself, she stated that this is the reason why many don’t have good friends because when they see good they call it bad

Uche Ogbodo made it known that she isn’t the type to follow popular demand because of praise, reiterating that the guy is vindictive and a bloody blackmailer and she has seen life enough to know that he isn’t a saint.

She added that the amount of fame, friendship and love in the world is alarming as she noted how those that we don’t expect are the ones who cut out their throat.

“Uche Ogbodo sabi support Evil yen yen yen! That is why most of you don’t have good friends cos when you see good you call it bad! Like I said I no dey run go follow popular demand cos I want people to praise me Haaa!! Never! Let me be Evil in your eyes but be good in the eyes of God. I repeat that Guy is a Vindictive fellow! And a bloody damn chauvinistic blackmailer! I have seen life enough to know how these things play out.

The amount of fake friendship and fake love in this world is alarming! Don’t be shocked! The ones you never expect are usually the ones that cut by the throat”.