“This might be one of the hardest days of my life” Tyrese Gibson laments on Instagram as he reveals his label dropped him on Valentine’s Day


American actor and singer, Tyrese Gibson has taken to Instagram to reveal that his label dropped him on Valentine’s Day, exactly one year after his mother’s death.

Tyrese, who reminded his followers that he lost his mother on Valentine’s Day last year, added that he was already dreading this day, only for his label to drop him.

“I really thought I would be doing much better today all week I feel like I was preparing myself to mentally emotionally and psychologically get through this very tragic day for me nad my family. Today my mother transitioned of all days on Valentine’s Day last year 2022…Same year my father died [Reggie Andrews Locke Saints father figure”

The actor recounted how he got married to his ex-wife, Samantha on Valentine’s Day.

“Still to this day I have no clue as to why she filed for divorce”, he added.

Gibson, however shared a screenshot of a cropped contract with the termination date listed as Feb. 14, and said “my label dropped me on the same day my mother passed,” covers most of the contract text.

However, a line at the bottom of the screenshot says: “the term of the distribution agreement shall be deemed terminated as of the effective date.”

Meanwhile, the contract termination comes days after Tyrese drummed up hype for his seventh studio album, Beautiful Pain, with the official single Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me.

He then called on his followers to pray for him because he’s having a hard time