Three Members Of TikTok Dance Group Announce Departure


Renowned Kenyan TikTok dance group Alfa House has bid farewell to three members of their team, Kayet Orwa, Nasieku, and Just Call Me Klaus.

The departure of these dynamic dancers marks the end of their art at Alfa House, as they embark on new journeys beyond the virtual dance floor.

In a statement released on 1st May 2024, noted that Thee Alfa House expressed their gratitude and admiration for the departing team members, acknowledging their significant contributions to the group’s success.

The statement, issued by Thee Alfa House Producer, captured the essence of the moment, blending sentiments of nostalgia with excitement for the future.

The statement reads in part: “Ladies and gentlemen, TikTok fam, and dance enthusiasts alike, gather ’round for some bittersweet news! It’s time for a dance floor shake-up as we bid farewell to not one, not two, but three of our sensational dance crew members.

“Yes, you heard it right! Our dynamic trio is stepping off the virtual stage to pursue new adventures, leaving behind a trail of unforgettable moves and electrifying energy that has lit up our screens time and time again,” the producer of Alfa House expressed.

The departure of Kayet Orwa, Nasieku, and Just Call Me Klaus signifies a pivotal moment for Alfa House, as they transition into a new chapter without their teammates.

However, the statement assured fans that the legacy of these departing dancers would live on in every routine, step, and memory they’ve left behind.

“But fear not, our friends! While they may be bidding farewell to our virtual stage, their legacy lives on in every routine, every step, and every memory they’ve left behind,” the statement reassured.

As Alfa House bids adieu to Kayet Orwa, Nasieku, and Just Call Me Klaus, they also look ahead with optimism and anticipation for what the future holds.

“So, let’s raise the roof one last time for our departing dancers-applauding their passion, dedication, and the countless viral moments they’ve gifted us,” the statement concluded.