“Time has come to fulfill my calling as minister of God” – Actor Yul Edochie reveals

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has stated that the time has come for him to fulfill his calling as a minister of God.
The actor, who disclosed this in a video that went viral online, added that many years ago he had a call to serve as a minister of God, but he ignored it because he thought it was not the right time.
Edochie also claimed that recently the call intensified, and he’s now convinced that the time for him to heed the call has come.
He said he has come to the realization that God has given him overall prosperity so he may use it to promote the gospel and that the remaining days of his life will be used to achieve that purpose.
He then noted that he will not quit his acting career as a minister of God but will ensure his movies promote God’s word.
“I have a calling to serve God and be his minister of God. I have a calling to be a preacher of God, to preach the word of God through action. I have had this calling a long time ago actually, many years ago,” he said.
“But I always felt the time has not come or the timing wasn’t right. But now, it’s very strong. I feel the time has come. God has blessed me in this life and by the grace of God, I have become one of the biggest and most celebrated actors in Nigeria and Africa.
“I have realised God lifted me as an actor so I can become one of his ministers and use that fame to preach the world of God. My purpose in life is to become a minister of God and touch lives.” He said.