Toyin Lawani reacts as critics raise concern over her husband’s unhappy appearance


Celebrity fashion designer and stylist, Toyin Lawani, who is celebrating her second anniversary, has taken the opportunity to address some of her critics.

Lawani acknowledged that many people often complain about her husband’s seemingly unhappy looks.

In response, she questioned whether these critics were tired of bringing up the issue, considering that her husband often wears masks, making it difficult to gauge his true emotions.

She also mentioned another critic who criticized her for celebrating her anniversary while Warri Pikin got remarried the day before.

Lawani expressed her astonishment at the comments and questioned how people come up with such ideas. She urged those who feel uncomfortable to simply scroll past her posts and emphasized that her anniversary celebration is all about her and her partner’s journey as artists and muses.

Furthermore, Lawani encouraged brides who wish to wear black for their wedding, stating that it is a beautiful color and reminding them that she is a trendsetter.

In her own words, she said, “Are you people not tired of asking about this mask already? It’s been two years and he still doesn’t look happy. How did you know, did you see his expression ni? Wow wow wow, comments got me wilding. Another one even said I shouldn’t celebrate my anniversary cause another person got married yesterday. That I’m competing. How do you people come up with these things? To be winch no they tire una? Gosh. Pls, it’s all about the artistandhismuseanniversary. If it makes you feel uncomfortable jump and pass. To all the brides who are wishing to wear Black for their wedding, it’s a beautiful color. KOF the trendsetter set it.”