Tuface renews marital vows to Annie


Nigerian singer, Tuface Idibia, has recently renewed his marital vow to his wife, Annie, on a show as they commemorated their 10th wedding anniversary.

This was coming shortly after Annie said it is sad sharing her spouse with other women despite him being her first love.

Annie said this in an interview on Young Famous and an African reality show on Netflix.

She said, “I met Tuface before the other baby mamas but they had children for him before I did.

“My first child is his fifth child, Do you know how many humiliations and embarrassments I faced

“I was like how do you repeat the same mistake twice, I was hurt. Even when he was engaged but that is a story for another day.

“It’s painful sharing my husband with other women and it hurts but the good times are so much more and I still have forever to spend with him and make up for the bad times.”

By Damilola Olufemi