Two Years After Quiet Divorce, Museveni’s Last-Born Breaks Silence


Diana Kyaremera Kamuntu, daughter of President Yoweri Museveni, has officially confirmed divorce from her husband, businessman Geoffrey Kamuntu, after 18 years of marriage.

Diana Kyaremera sparked reactions among Ugandans and Kenyans alike after posting details of her divorce 2 years after it happened.

Despite her initial attempts to keep the matter private, she felt compelled to address the public to provide clarity, especially for the sake of her children.

In an official statement, Kyaremera confirmed the dissolution of her marriage, presenting the ‘Decree Nisi,’ which legally terminated the union in 2022.

Expressing the emotional challenges associated with divorce, she emphasised the impact it has on the family, particularly when children are involved.

“I have tried to keep my divorce private and out of the public sphere for the sake of my children,” Kyaremera stated.

While navigating through the difficulties of separation, Kyaremera appealed to the public for support and understanding during this sensitive period. She requested prayers for her family and urged respect for their privacy as they move forward.

“As you all know, divorce is a very difficult thing, especially when there are children involved,” she added, emphasising the emotional toll of the process.

In 2022, Diana formally applied to the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) to drop her husband’s name, Kamuntu, expressing her desire to be known as Diana Museveni Kyaremera.

This decision reflects her intention to assert her identity apart from her marital status. As the managing director of Museveni family enterprises, Diana oversees all private ventures associated with the first family.

Diana revealed that she met Geoffrey Kamuntu at her sister Natasha Karugire’s house and quickly developed a connection with him, leading to their marriage.

She married Kamuntu on July 24, 2004, and they share three children – two boys and one girl.