Uche Elendu slams trolls for criticizing her dress


Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu, has slammed trolls for criticizing her for her wearing a revealing dress while preaching about Christ on her Instagram page.

Uche Elendu posted:

“I’m staying far away from love for now! Please don’t preach to me   The only valid love, is the love of Christ ❤” 

Commenting under the post, a troll with the handle @iamuchechukwu_ wrote:

“You can’t be talking about the love of Christ with your boobs outside. No, it can’t be, that’s a misnomer!” 

Uche Elendu came back with a slam that landed on Trolls:

“@iamuchechukwu_ you’re a completely ignorant and judgmental human.. What is your eyes looking for on my boobs? Assistant Moses”