Uganda Singer Lydia Jazmine Vows To Sing At Karole Kasita, Feffe Bussi Wedding


Uganda singer Lydia Jazmine, said she is committed to perform at the wedding of Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi.

“Karole, thank you so much for putting this together,” said Jazmine, who was thanking Kasita for organising a party to celebrate Bussi’s birthday.

“… I wish you the best, my sister,” she continued before sending almost everyone laughing when she joked about the two getting married. “We’re waiting for the functions to make everything official. As singers, we’re ready to perform.”

Karole Kasita and Feffe Bussi have been rumoured to be romantically involved though both have always denied and called each other friends.

When she gave birth to her baby boy, the rumour almost stuck but Kasita recently revealed that she met her baby daddy recently as she was on the verge of quitting music.

Meanwhile, during the birthday celebrations, Lydia Jazmine decided to share her long-held secret with the rapper Feffe Bussi.

Jazmine, who went to the same school as Bussi, shared the story she claimed no one knew about.

“Feffe is like my brother,” began Jazmine, real name Lydia Nabawanuka. “We were in the same school in O-Level at Cityland College Matugga. And it’s true what they say about his name. He used to be called Gravity. Feffe was the baddest rapper at school. Yes, he was the baddest rapper. This is a story you won’t hear anywhere. We were both singers and we have always been awesome, that’s why we made it.”

She continued: “We were friends. And his lugaflow performances at school were exceptional.”

The said stage name, which is now being used by the rapper Gravity Omutujju, was initiated when both were in primary school. According to Bussi, Omutujju gave him the name Gravity when they were in primary school before reclaiming it later when he became a star.

Omutujju and Bussi went to different secondary schools. Omutujju, real name Gereson Wabuyi, went to Old Kampala Secondary School but didn’t continue after Senior Four because of school fees.

They later reunited when Omutujju was already a star and Bussi went to him for support as he was still finding his way in the music industry. But their friendship was since grown weak.

Meanwhile, the rapper’s birthday, which was organised by Karole Kasita, was attended by several artistes, including Bobi Wine, Pallaso and Nubian Li.