Uganda Singer, Mun G Shares Long-Lasting Marriage Secrets


Popular Uganda singer, Emmanuel Mungi Matovu, aka, Mun G has revealed some vital tips to share with young married couples.

He also says making the right partner choice and maintaining effective communication is key for successful marriages.

“Everyone has their own formula of handling their partner, but the one thing I have learnt is that there cannot be democracy in marriage,” he said in an interview with Bukedde TV on Thursday.

“One of you has to be the leader and the other has to follow. You cannot all be at the same level.”

Being a big celebrity, the “Byayanga” singer says, can be a disadvantage in marriage because most prospective partners might end up gold diggers.

“As a celebrity, you need someone that wishes you well because most come because of the status they want to get married to someone with a name,” he said.