Ugandan Comedian Salvado Reunites With Wife In Canada


Ugandan comedian Patrick Idringi, popularly known as Salvador, has reunited with his wife, Daphnie Frankstork in Canada.

The comedian was one of the performers at the AfroFestival show in Toronto over the weekend.

“I had the privilege of working the crowd at the AfroFestival in Toronto … the reception was incredible, it was warming to see my fellow Ugandans cheering me on, .. these are priceless moments,” he posted on X.

Salvado’s trip corroborates recent reports stating that his wife of over 15 years is seeking asylum in Canada on political grounds.

It was reported that the comedian would join the wife at a later time. The rumour did not sit well with opposition fanatics, who accused the comedian of selfish interests at their expense.

The fanatics would threaten to contact Canadian immigration authorities to sabotage the relocation process.

The majority of refugee claims in Canada succeed. In recent years the number of refugee claims approved has increased from 63 percent in 2018 to 79 percent in 2023.

Figures published by Canada’s immigration, refugees, and citizenship agency show Canada received up to 280 Ugandans seeking asylum in 2023.

However, Canada receives thousands of asylum claims globally, with over 7,280 asylum claims processed in September 2023, up from totals ranging between 3,880 and 5,550 over the previous five months.

That compares with an average of about 3,600 monthly claims processed during 2022 and fewer than 1,100 a month in 2021.

According to the Immigration and Refugee Board, the Canadian asylum process takes up to 24 months and 12 months for appeals. During this period, asylum seekers can legally work in Canada once they receive their work permit. The permit is free and can also be renewed for free.