Ugandan Singer, Jowy Landa Hits Studio With Kenyan Kelechi Africana for ‘Ring’ Remix


Ugandan singer Jowy Landa joined Kenyan singer Kelechi Africana to remix his hit single Ring.

Both singers shared videos of the studio session on social media.
The remix of the song is being produced by Nessim.

Kelechi Africana, a former primary teacher, released the original version in 2019 and it has since racked up over 12 million views on YouTube.

It was originally produced by Teknix and the video was directed by Nezzoh Montana. Ring is still Africana’s most-watched song on YouTube.

Jowy Landa’s fans were excited about the news of the remix.

“Naye jowy watabuse kati😳🥰” reads a comment on the video.

“Nessim can’t disappoint 🤪 landa u di best” goes another comment.

Jowy Landa is among artistes who have had a great 2018. Her collabo with Vyroota titled Twafuna, which was produced by Nessim, is doing pretty well. Its video, which was filmed by Jahlive, has accumulated over 160k views on YouTube in less than a month.

She also teamed up with JPC Again for the remix of Sugar Mama, which also has over 240k views on YouTube and is her most-watched song in 2023. It was also produced by Nessim and the video directed by Jahlive.

Nessim, who is producing the remix of Ring with Kelechi Africana, was among the most prolific producers this year.

Some of the hit songs he recorded are This Year by Omega256, Crazy Company by B2C & Fik Fameica, Amina by Geosteady, Mukisenge by Winnie Nwagi & Crysto Panda, Pretty Pretty by King Saha & Feffe Bussi, Twafuna by Jowy Landa & Vyroota, Believe by Vinka & Dax Vibes, Sugar Mama by Jowy Landa & JPC Again, Ndabula by Carol Nantongo & B2C, Tonyt by Rema Namakula, Onsanze Ndaba, Katono by Kataleya & Kandle, Matatu by Kateleya & Kandle featuring B2C.