UK influencer, Fiona makes first public reaction to DJ Cuppy’s engagement to her ex-lover, Ryan


UK influencer, Fiona Michelle has seemingly reacted to billionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy’s engagement to her alleged former lover, Ryan Taylor.

It would be recalled that Ryan’s relationship with Fiona came to light over the weekend after online investigators connected the dots (and tattoos).

Meanwhile, Fiona had posted a loved-up video of herself and a man whose tattoos matched Ryan’s few weeks before he proposed to Cuppy in Dubai.

Although the man’s face was concealed in the video that caused a massive stir online, netizens concluded that he’s Cuppy’s British lover, Ryan Taylor.

However, neither Cuppy nor her fiance, Ryan, have come out to directly react to the report, though Cuppy disclosed that she met Ryan barely a month ago, possibly after he was romantically involved with the UK influencer.

Fiona has now reacted to the news via a video she posted on her TikTok page recently.

She seemingly confirmed her relationship with Ryan as she expressed her shock to wake up to the online drama last weekend.

She also said she was surprised to discover that her “bitch” had been “snatched”.

“Waking up to social media on a random Sunday; damn someone took my bitch,” she captioned.