Van Vicker sets social media ablaze with his secret to long lasting marriage


Renowned actor Van Vicker has ignited a spirited debate on social media with his revelation about the secret to maintaining a long-lasting marriage.

With two decades of marriage experience under his belt, Van Vicker shared his insights in a live video, confident that his journey qualifies him to address this topic.

In his eyes, the secret to a flourishing marriage centers around a mindful approach to handling finances as a united couple. He advocated for the amalgamation of incomes and expenses, alongside fostering transparent conversations about monetary matters.

According to him, couples should steer clear of segregating their earnings and instead concentrate on collaborative financial planning.

“To me, one of the most significant aspects is not dividing your income and expenses. I believe that being open about your earnings, the sources of income, and your finances is fundamental for maintaining a strong bond. Make expenditures together, create budgets together, and pool your resources,” he emphasized.

According to him, sharing financial responsibilities cultivates a sense of unity and a shared understanding.