Vera Sidika claps back at fan over comment on Brown Mauzo


Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has clapped back at a fan who claimed that her boyfriend, Brown Mauzo might have warmed up to another woman during her vacation in Dubai.

The mother of two took to social media to share an update with her fans that she was travelling back into the country.

Sharing photos of herself in a flight, the mother of two wrote:

“Dubai has been good to me. Time to get back to my babies 👶🏽👶🏽 Enroute NBO ✈.”

Most of her fans wished her safe travels and welcomed her back to the country.

One however delved into her relationship with the coast-based singer who recently hinted at challenges.

“Beautiful, but you left Mauzo in Kenya. Do you think he didn’t hook up with another woman during your absence?” Aked the fan.

Vera fired back reminding the fan the everyone should focus on their life and making it clear that Brown Mauzo hooking up with another woman was not a concern to her.

“And so what if he did? Maisha ni yake. Wewe shughulika na yako.” Vera fired back.

Her Dubai trip made news after blogger Edgar Obare claimed that it was sponsored by a wealthy tycoon, allegations which he later retracted and offered an apology claiming that the mother of two provided concrete evidence.

The apology, channeled through his Facebook platform BNN on August 13, comes after Obare falsely alleged that Sidika’s luxurious Dubai escapade was funded by a wealthy tycoon.

“We apologise for the incorrect reporting of retired socialite Vera Sidika Dubai trip being sponsored by a Russian tycoon, she responded and provided us receipts,” Edgar wrote.