Vicki D signs New Deal


Nigerian singer Victor Adams known as Vicki D (Kpoki) signed a deal with a newly established United Kingdom-based record label, Team More Success Music, has signed singer,

The Chief Executive Officer of Team More Success Music, Darvey Rucci, said, “The mission is to lead a lifestyle of entertainment while focusing on the development, delivery and the growing entertainment industry across Nigeria and the Diaspora through the production and promotion of high-quality sounds.”

He added, “Basically, music inspired the label. Music has always been a part of my life since childhood. I was in the studio recording one day when a line came to my head and I recorded it. A few months later, I was brainstorming with my team on materialising the vision I had in my head for a label, and Team More Success was born as it was the only available name.”


By Glorious Emoruwa