We Are Not As Exploitative As Nigerians – Ghanaian Singer, Camidoh


Ghanaian musician, Camidoh shared insights on the music industry during a recent interview.

During a live interview on “Uncut with D-Black,” Camidoh said that he zealously pushed his hit song “Sugarcane” after observing how dedicated and persistent Nigerians are in their artistic endeavours.

Though he had missed the opportunity to record, he claimed to have learned from a Nigerian musician who persuaded the owner of the studio to allow him to record even after it closed.

He claims Ghanaians might take inspiration from Nigerians who have a strong sense of enthusiasm and determination for making music.

“We’re not as exploiting as Nigerians. That’s the only problem. When I put out Sugar Cane, I remember how I used to call people every day.

‘You don’t do some TikTok video. What’s up?’ because that’s what Nigerians are. That’s who they are. Like, they go pursue you, make you do what you have to do.

“It’s about the drive. Because you can now make me want to do something, even though I didn’t want to do it. It’s about you. How much do you want it? And that’s one thing I work with. When I saw that guy’s drive, I said to myself that even if the store was closed, I could make them sell to me.

“And that’s one thing I feel like many Ghanaians don’t have. For me, it’s about, do you want this song to be played? If you want it to be played, go to that DJ. Make it happen,” he said.

He encouraged Ghanaian musicians to proactively engage with their craft, approach DJs, and take charge of their success in a manner reminiscent of the Nigerian music scene.