We Can’t Rely On ‘God Bless You’ To Pay Bills -Ghanaian Gospel Singer


Ghanaian gospel singer, Obaapa Christy has strongly supported that gospel musicians be paid for their performances just like secular artists, adding that they (gospel artiste) also incur significant expenses during production.

According to Obaapa Christy, just like secular artists, gospel artists incur huge costs during the production and as such, cannot survive on “God Bless You” to pay for such services and the day-to-day running of events.

“We pay bills and other expenses so yes, so we need to get paid for our services be it at a church or wherever. Studio fees, and backup singers among others do not come free. We pay for them so how can we continue to fulfil our obligations if we offer our services for free?” she asked.

“We are in hard times and people are going through a lot. After COVID-19, a lot has changed and most people are not having it easy at all.”

Obaapa Christy who marked 20 years in the gospel music industry with a concert last year has many songs to her credit.