“Weed Is Weeding” – Black Sherif’s Strange Behaviour In New Video Goes Viral


Ghanaian music sensation, Black Sherif, is currently making waves on social media with a rather amusing video in which he exhibits peculiar behavior.

Wearing a green top and appearing excessively cheerful, Black Sherif shares a video reciting some unintelligible words.

Netizens found Black Sherif’s strange behavior entertaining as they attempted to decipher his intentions.

In no time, the consensus was reached that Black Sherif was simply under the influence of drugs, enjoying himself in a euphoric state.

One fan humorously commented, “Weed is weeding 😂.”

Another remarked, “W’a high,”

It’s a pretty open secret that the young trap star partakes in weed – he’s pretty much confirmed it in his songs, even though he’s savvy enough to never openly admit it in real life.