Why I ‘fear’ Dating Married Women – Frank Gashumba


Controversial social commentator, Frank Gashumba has said he would never get intimate with a married woman.

“I can’t date a married woman… why would I date a married woman? I have principles, I can’t do it. I know the repercussions,” said Gashumba while appearing on Radio 4. “What if she refuses to go back to her man after the fact?”

During the show, the controversial social commentator also said that at his age, he can no longer sleep in a lodge, suffer from typhoid, or spend the night at a club.

Gashumba has always had tendentious views on dating and marriage. For instance, he recently said that wedding rings have trapped a lot of men into marriages they dread.

“The smallest prison in the world is a wedding ring,” said the controversial businessman while appearing on Radio 4. “This metal, is the garbage you buy in the supermarket.”

According to Gashumba, this has been occasioned by women getting married to men they don’t love. That they are just attracted to the resources and availability.

“You rather live a single happy life than a troubled married life… People are badly behaved,” he argued. “… the most amusing thing is that women don’t get married to people they love… young ladies don’t get married to men they love; they get married to men who are ready.”

Gashumba, who is not married and has always punched holes into the institution, said the aforementioned happens because the men women date usually aren’t ready to get married. Hence, they go with the ready ones.

However, he noted, this eventually leads to problems. He said he knows a married couple that has been together for seven years, but they live in separate rooms. They even used different refrigerators, according to him.

Frank Gashumba said that in countries like Rwanda, when you move in with a woman for six months, if neighbours confirm that you were together for that period before separation, she talks half your assets.