Why I Left My 4-Day-Old Baby To Marry A Rich Nigerian Man – Kenyan Lady Explains


‏Kenyan lady, Agum Muga has explained why she left her 4-day-old baby with her husband to be with a wealthy Nigerian man.

Recall that a Kenyan TikTok user known as Andanje recently made headlines after revealing a story about his wife leaving him with their four-day-old baby to be with a wealthier Nigerian man.

The story, shared in a viral post, captured the attention of social media users across Kenya. In a series of emotional videos, Andanje shared his struggles as he cradled his newborn baby, set against the backdrop of gospel music.

The wife, identified as @Agum.muga on TikTok, responded to her husband’s posts, advising him to take charge of raising the baby himself.

In a subsequent interview with local YouTubers, Agum Muga provided insights into the circumstances surrounding her decision to leave the baby and her husband. She recounted the beginnings of their relationship, which started unexpectedly during a journey to Nairobi.

Despite the pregnancy, she admitted that her feelings for her husband were fleeting and not deeply rooted in love.

“We met in the car on our way to Nairobi. After a few weeks, we started dating and things happened and I got pregnant. About loving him, it was just infatuation, nothing much. Abortion was not an option.

“I was pushed by circumstances because we couldn’t afford it. The guy lost his job and I was not working at that time. We decided to have the baby but I made it clear that I would give birth and give him the baby,” she said.

Agum Muga explained that financial constraints and a lack of stability influenced her decision to part ways with her husband and relinquish custody of the baby to him. She expressed regret over the situation, acknowledging that she was not proud of her actions and had not anticipated her husband’s public response.

Reflecting on her emotional state during the pregnancy, Agum Muga confessed that she had been swept up in infatuation and failed to consider the long-term implications of her choices.

“Why would I post something I am not proud of? I know people say I had no balls or everything that I am lying. No. I was not proud of it. I didn’t expect this guy to come out and cause all this drama. He’s not the kind of guy who I would want to have a child with. I was running away from myself at some point and I ended up at his side and thought that’s where I was supposed to be,” she said.

She lamented the missed opportunities and setbacks caused by the pregnancy, admitting that she felt her life had been put on hold.

“Infatuation made me reason less. I was just going with the flow which has led me to a ditch. Also, I feel like the pregnancy put my life to a stop at some point. I could have done so much during that period. I have moved so many steps backwards,” she said.

Regarding her relationship with the Nigerian man, Agum Muga disclosed that they had known each other for several years, initially through a professional connection.

Despite being aware of her pregnancy, the Nigerian remained supportive and patient, willing to wait until she was ready to resume their relationship.

“The Nigerian has been supportive in so many ways. We met a few years back. He was first my boss. He became a friend then after some time, we started dating. The Nigerian guy knew I was pregnant. According to the depth of our connection, he was ready to wait for me until I gave birth, let me leave that provider and I will get back. He’s okay wherever he is,” she said.