Why I Prefer Long-Distance Relationship -Ugandan Businesswoman Reveals


Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has revealed that she prefers a long-distance relationship with her husband Shakib Lutaaya.

Zari Hassan said despite the physical distance, their relationship has flourished over the past two years, supported by frequent travel and a shared understanding of their individual commitments.

Zari lives in South Africa while Shakib resides in Uganda.

The couple recently shared how this arrangement benefits their relationship and helps them maintain their bond.

Shakib, however, acknowledged the practicality of their arrangement, emphasizing that their ability to afford frequent flights makes the distance manageable.

“I live in Uganda, and you live in South Africa, but I can see you anytime I want to and you can also fly to Uganda anytime you wanna see me. It’s a good thing. It’s not bad for people who are working,” he says.

He noted that neither of them can permanently relocate due to their business commitments in their respective countries.

The couple agrees that the separation helps keep their love fresh. According to Shakib, their regular time apart makes their reunions more special.

“Every time you fly to South Africa I miss you. We’re married and whenever we have fights and then you fly back, it makes me miss you more. Makes me wanna come over very quickly,” he explains.

Zari echoed her husband’s sentiment, explaining that living separately adds excitement to their relationship.

“If we live together, I will be bored of you. I will get tired of seeing you every day. It’s nice when I’m looking forward to seeing you,” she confessed.

The anticipation of their next meeting keeps the passion alive, making each reunion feel like a special occasion. Zari adds, “When we are living separately, I look forward to doing things for my husband with passion.”

She admitted that the separation works well for her busy lifestyle, which includes managing her businesses, taking care of her children, and maintaining her social life.

“I would be tired. I can’t stand you for a month. I’m busy. I’m doing a lot of adverts, am travelling, then kids, running the business, and there’s me and my social life. For me to put all that together and add you, my husband is overwhelming.

“For me, 80 per cent is a good thing. We keep missing each other, we love each other and the fire is always burning. The 20 per cent is only when you miss someone sexually but they are not there,” she explained.