‘Why I want to marry a Nigerian man’ – Sabrina, Cameroonian Singer spills


Cameroonian Singer, Wamba Kuegou Sabrina Ruth, popularly known by her stage name Sabrina, has frequently visited Nigeria and fallen in love with her music, food and people.

The 22-year-old singer shares her perception of Nigeria in a recent interview and what she likes about the men.

“Lagos is just a beautiful place. Just like now, is easy to find me in Lagos these days because I like here a lot. For me, is a fine blend of Douala Cameroon and London UK all in one. I love the beaches, the food, the streets hustles reminds you to wake up and face your hustle and not forgetting the music of course. Now, I can proudly say that I can marry a Nigerian man. 100 % yes. They are very smart, hardworking and intentional kind of men so yes I can,” she asserted.