“Why I’m finding it difficult to send my son to school abroad” – Actress, Angela Okorie reveals


Nollywood actress and musician, Angela Okorie has disclosed the reason she finds it difficult to send her son, Chamberlain to school abroad.

In an interview with OAP Nedu’s podcast, Honest Bunch, the 47-year-old noted that she can’t send her child overseas because of the belief and teachings of homosexuality that have taken over the western world.

In her words: “In schools right now, they are teaching kids on how to be homo. They are teaching them a lot of things on how to… You are a man but you can actually live like a girl and change the other side and become a girl from being a man.

“They are teaching them alot of things that I don’t want my son to learn, that I don’t want my son to be.”

Agreeing with Angela, the podcast anchor, Nedu faults the things portrayed in the cartoons children are exposed to these days.