“Why Jigan Babaoja is a friend everyone needs in their corner” Yetunde Bakare reveals as she calls for prayers


Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare has spoken out about her male colleague Jigan Babaoja, highlighting why he is a friend that everyone should have.

In an Instagram post, Yetunde shared her admiration for Jigan, stating that she has never been fortunate when it comes to friendships but considers him to be one of the exceptional friends she has.

She listed Jigan’s remarkable qualities, emphasizing his unconditional care and selflessness, noting that he always looks out for people without any hidden agendas.

Yetunde expressed her gratitude for everything Jigan has done for her and expressed her feelings of luck for having him by her side.

“I’m not so lucky with friends, but guess what??? The few I have are absolutely amazing!!! Jigan is unconditionally caring and selfless, he’s a friend everyone needs in their corner because he’s always looking out for people he cares about without ulterior motives. Thanks so much for everything you do… I’m lucky to have you as a friend. Ose gan ni Jigan. Chai, all my male friends will give you reasons to believe in true friendship with zero drama. It’s not his birthday, but I just want to celebrate a friend with a good heart. May the good Lord continue to bless you and perfect everything that concerns you. You’ll not labor in vain in Jesus’ name. Please help me to say a prayer for JIGAN.”

This revelation is particularly soothing considering that Yewande Adekoya had previously expressed concerns about Jigan Babaoja being a negative influence on her husband