Why Tiktoker MC Chumi Is Burning Spice Diana’s Photos


Comedian and TitkToker, MC Chumi has launched a war on singer Spice Diana. The two have been close buddies until this last weekend.

Chumi vowed last night to burn all the framed pictures of Diana pinned in her house, and to delete all of the singer’s content from her TikTok page.

MC Chumi had her premier comedy show on Sunday where her friend Diana was expected as the headliner. The singer however, did not show up or give an explanation.

Speaking to reporters after the show, Chumi said she was most disappointed.

“I am going home now to burn all her pictures,” she said. “I will also delete all the challenges I did promoting her songs.”

“She’s never done anything for me and yet she claims to be my buddy. This is very embarrassing and hurtful to me because so many people came to my comments saying they were coming to the show to see Spice.”

Chimi’s “The Mostive Show” took place on Sunday night, at Power King Hotel Kasubi.

Several top artists showed up for the show including Alien Skin, Mary Bata, Joey Landa, and Ashiro among others.

They all performed for free according to Chumi. Only Spice Diana and Lil Pazo did not show up

“That’s why I am hurt because people paid their money to see Spice Diana and she didn’t come. I have fought so many of her wars. People insult her online and I throw my body on the line to defend her,” Chumi said.

Chumi added that she expected to hear the Sili Regular singer come out to give a good explanation for her absence. From her social media pages, Diana was performing last night in Buliiro in Mpigi district.