“Will I ever get married?”- Actress Wumi Toriola calls out producers over violent movie roles and its impact on her love life


Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has expressed her dissatisfaction with the type of roles she has been getting in recent movies.

While promoting her latest movie, Toriola jokingly called out Nollywood producers for not offering enough romantic roles, and instead, giving her violent roles that could affect her search for love.

“Producers, what happened to love roles? You don’t do them anymore. With all these roles, will I ever get married?” she said

However, the actress didn’t shy away from discussing the positive and negative aspects of marriage. She explained that her latest film, “Marriage Affairs,” is an unbeatable story of the good and the bad in marriage as it opens some of the hurdles to cross for a marriage to be termed “SUCCESSFUL”.

It is unclear if Toriola’s comments will lead to any changes in the types of roles she will be offered in the future