Williams Uchemba gifts wife a new car as a “push present”


Nigerian actor and comedian, Williams Uchemba, has gifted his wife, Brunella Oscar, a Mercedes-Benz car as a gift he called “push present”.

Williams, just of recent received his first child with Brunella and posted a video on his Instagram page of the car from when he picked it up, to the point of delivery to his wife.

Uche wrote: “A little push gift for all the stress you went through these past nine months trying to bring @kamarauchemba into the world,” he wrote.

“From the sleepless nights, to the back pains and how standing up became your favorite position. Thank you for making me a father to the most beautiful baby I’ve set my eyes on.

“You are indeed a super woman and your strength can’t be matched. I LOVE YOU.”

“And a big shout out to all the waiting mothers and mothers out there, you guys are the real MVP,” he said while giving kudos to all mothers and waiting mothers.

By Damilola Olufemi