Wofai’s Wedding Gets Messy As Family Rejects Union With Their Son


Nollywood actress and comedian, Wofai Ewu, popularly known as Wofai Fada is getting messy as her wedding to Taiwo Olakitan Cole has been enmeshed in a family controversy.

It all started after the comedian announced her engagement to Taiwo on her Instagram page on Saturday, May 4, 2023.

Without any caption, Wofai shared loved-up photos of herself and her heartthrob, flaunting a ring worn on the fourth finger of her left hand, unmistakably indicating that a formal wedding was in the offing.

Expectedly, the post sparked congratulatory reactions as fans, colleagues and admirers of the actress besieged the post’s comment section to express their happiness over the development.

Moments after, videos from the couple’s traditional wedding held in Wofai’s village in Ugep, Cross River State, made the rounds on social media.

However, an unexpected twist to the love story broke the camel’s back as the in-law’s family immediately released a statement to disown the union between their son and the actress.

The statement signed on behalf of the Cole family by Engr Kunle Cole, notified everyone that neither was the family aware of nor granted permission for the traditional wedding.

The in-laws warned that the couple shouldn’t parade themselves as members of the Cole family as they’re not known or accepted by the family.

“Images and videos come to our attention showing our son Taiwo getting married to a Wofai Ewa in a traditional ceremony in Ugep, Cross River State.

“This serves to let all acquaintances, family and friends know that the Cole family of Victoria Island Lagos are not aware of any marriage ceremony of our Son Taiwo Olakitan Cole, neither did we grant permission nor support in this regard.

“As such, the person(s) parading themselves as new members of the Cole heritage by virtue of this purported event, are not known nor accepted by the family. All publications and documents being circulated about this are to be disregarded,” the Coles said.

In a purported phone call between Taiwo’s father and his friend, the ‘father-in-law’ detailed the events that led to the traditional wedding.

He also expressed the family’s concern about the age difference between Wofai and Taiwo, claiming the former is 38 years old, while the latter is 30. Wofai ignores the Cole family’s warning as Nigerians react.
Meanwhile, the actress seemed unperturbed by her in-law’s reaction and released another video of herself and Taiwo on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Let love lead ❤️❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻#TWO24.”

Meanwhile, the dramatic turn of events has got many Nigerians talking on social media.

@NoHarm_Intended said “Wofai is not 38 She is 33 and that Uncle right there is nothing close to 30, please. That’s the issue with broken families The father divorced his mom 21 years ago and his mother is fine with it. It’s even wofai I pity, she’s too hardworking and unproblematic for this.

@McBluetoothCCFR also stated that it is irresponsible for the Cole family to have released this statement no matter the situation It is now a monumental embarrassment for all parties involved I wish Wofai the best in this journey ahead I hope their union stands the test of time, trials and tribulations –