Woli Arole advises a stop on Fela and Wizkid comparison


Comedian Bayegun Oluwatoyin, Aka Woli Arole has advised those who engage in the act of comparing singers to stop.

Arole disclosed he journeyed to London to study “Filmmaking” and one question his lecturer asked left him utterly astounded.

He admitted his trip to London and encounter with a lecturer brought about the believe of how vast the personality of the late icon was as he’s being studied in foreign universities.

The comedian warned those around him never to compare Wizkid to legendary Fela.

He wrote: “Please nobody should compare WIZKID and FELA around me ooooooo.

“When I went to study “Filmmaking in London” my lecturer asked me “Where are you from? I replied “Nigeria.” He replied “Do you know FELA? Mo foh (I was mind-blown).

“Fela is being studied in Universities abroad.”