X User Apologises To Ghanaian Singer After He Threatened To Find Him


An X user (formerly Twitter) has apologised to Ghanaian singer, Samini for referring
to him as “foolish” after sharing his grievances about the Ghana vs Mozambique match at the ongoing AFCON in Ivory Coast.

In his posts, Samini critiqued certain players and expressed disappointment with the Black Stars’ performance, which ended in a draw and left Ghana’s tournament fate uncertain.

The X user, however, directed a comment at Samini, expressing more concern about the artist’s perceived know-it-all attitude than addressing the players’ failure.

Surprised by the insult, Samini questioned why the young man resorted to name-calling when Samini was on his page as a fellow Ghanaian expressing concerns about the national team.

Samini emphasized that while everyone is entitled to their opinions, resorting to insults, pulling the tribal card, or acting untouchable was unnecessary.

He defended his right to express disappointment in the Black Stars as a Ghanaian without facing personal attacks.

“I’ll find you, I promise,” declared the ‘My Own’ hitmaker.

Despite the warning, the young man remained unbothered and seemingly mocked the artist, expressing the hate he harboured for Samini.

In response, Samini wrote, “lol. Continue with the insults, young man. You hate me, and that’s on you. Sorry. But for saying all these, prepare to say it to me in my face if we ever cross paths lol. I only expressed my sentiments. You could do the same without insults. You chose your route, you take it, bro. Peace.”

The X user then shared a screenshot of a conversation with Samini which the musician had promised to find his whereabouts.

Although the young man initially appeared confident about confronting Samini, he later sent a private message to the artist, expressing remorse for his behaviour and seeking forgiveness.

He attributed his actions to “frustrations” and earnestly pleaded for understanding.

“I don’t know how to say it, but please, I’m begging you in the name of Allah, please forgive me. Please, I am sorry for that. I am nobody to speak to you in such a way, so please don’t follow the anger and hurt me,” conveyed the social media user.

Responding graciously, Samini forgave the young man and encouraged him to strive for personal growth and become a better version of himself.