Yemi Alade, Simi share thoughts of being a woman in the music industry


Yemi Alade who is a Nigerian singer has said being a woman in a man’s world is a challenge to her especially when she has always strived to overcome.

In an Instagram post on Monday where she shared this, she said her target is aimed at motivating young girls by being a personality they can learn from.

She said,

“Being a woman in a man’s world is a challenge I will continue to overcome so the younger girls and ladies have a great example to follow,”

The post is guess to have come possibly because of allegations of gender discrimination in the Nigerian music industry.

Another singer Simi, had earlier said female musicians hardly escape with things as their male counterparts do in the industry.

She said,

“Women can hardly get away with the kinds of things many men in the same industry get away with on a regular,” she had said.

“When a woman complains about the shit she’s experiencing, I see many people saying ‘what about so and so’ does she have two heads. To me, that’s unfortunate, because everybody’s experience is different.

“Your truth cannot invalidate someone else’s. For every woman that is making it, there are tons of women that have been broken. If u stand up for urself, ‘she’s difficult’. If you’re not a pushover, ‘she’s proud.”