“You can strip me of everything, but I will still walk away with a smile” IVD shares deep message


IVD, also known as Ikechukwu Ogbonna, a renowned celebrity auto-dealer, continues to remain resilient in the face of daily hate comments following the tragic loss of his wife several months ago.

Taking to his Instagram page, IVD shared a video of himself cruising around town and used the opportunity to deliver a powerful message to his critics and detractors.

In the video, he confidently stated that no matter what they try to take away from him, he will always walk away with a smile. Undeterred by the negativity, IVD emphasized that the strength and positivity within him cannot be shaken.

Addressing his young fans and supporters, he expressed his love and appreciation while reiterating that his resilience comes from within.

“You could strip me of everything I have, I will walk away with a smile. It’s not on me, it’s in me. All love.”