You Can’t Criminalise Homosexuality When Other Morally Wrong Acts Are On The Rise, Says Ghanaian Musician


Ghanaian musician and activist Wanlov Da Kubolor has strongly condemned the recent approval of Ghana’s Anti-Gay Bill by the country’s parliament, denouncing it as inherently unjust and driven by prejudice and intolerance.

Speaking in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel FM, Wanlov Da Kubolor expressed his dismay at the imposition of prison sentences based solely on an individual’s sexual orientation.

He argued that such punitive measures lack justification and underscored the hypocrisy of selectively targeting homosexuality while ignoring other morally objectionable behaviours.

“If the basis of the bill which was passed was on morality grounds, there are other similar morally wrongs that are plaguing the country and should receive similar reactions, not only homosexuality,” Wanlov Da Kubolor remarked.

The musician also urged for consistency in moral standards, suggesting that if homosexuality is condemned based on religious and cultural beliefs, then other behaviours should also be addressed similarly.

“If we oppose homosexuality because it goes against biblical teachings, then we should also condemn other morally wrong behaviours like adultery, smoking, and drunkenness, which are also on the rise.”

He called for a more inclusive and compassionate approach towards individuals of diverse sexual orientations, stressing that differences in sexuality should not be criminalised or punished since it does not offend third parties.

The passage of the Anti-Gay Bill has sparked criticism from some human rights organisations and foreign governments, including the US Embassy in Ghana who have urged the government to uphold its commitments to human rights and equality for all its citizens.