“You can’t defame my character and get away with it” Mofe Duncan blows hot as movie producer embarrasses him


Nollywood actor Mofe Duncan has expressed his anger over a public call-out by a movie producer.

The producer, known as Babies, publicly criticized the actor for failing to show up on set and causing disruption during a movie scene. Babies claimed that Mofe has a reputation for causing trouble on multiple production sets.

Demanding a refund, Babies wrote, “Mofe or whatever you call yourself, how can you be paid for a job and not show up? Honestly, you all do too much in this industry. You take money from producers and don’t deliver? I’m really ashamed of you. You were paid for a job from the 26th to the 30th, and you asked for the 28th off because of your birthday, which was granted to you. How dare you mess up my set, Mofe?? How dare you. What happened to the other cast members waiting for you? What happened to the paid locations, equipment, and others? @realchuksnwali, I told you before this dude isn’t a good person. He has messed up my girlfriend’s setup before, and you still went ahead and paid him for my job. Refund me my money. What rubbish!!!”

In response, Mofe Duncan took to his Instagram page to rebuke the producer for attempting to tarnish his character. Referring to himself as an anointed being, he asserted that the producer wouldn’t be able to defame his character and get away with it because his God is alive and his mother’s prayers are with him.

Providing an explanation of what transpired, Mofe narrated how he was stuck in traffic on the morning of his birthday and how he offered his midnight prayers in his car after wrapping up a production.

“You will not affect the joy I’ve felt over the past couple of days! You think because you paid actors, you own them? Our lives must stop because you paid us? Your post was premature and extremely ungrateful, and you think Instagram callouts are the best way to handle things? I am not afraid, and I will never be!

Did you speak to me at all? Did you call me to ask? Did we even discuss this fucking job? It’s from this idiotic screenshot that was sent to me that I even knew who owned the film I have been busting my ass for.

Because of your production, I was stuck in traffic until 1:30 am on the morning of my 40th birthday. I said my midnight prayers to God in my car after coming from your fucking production!! And I still showed up the next day on the 29th, exhausted, hungover, and nursing a migraine, and I still fucking shot until 4:30 pm. I got stuck in traffic heading for my scheduled evening and arrived late only to wake up to this bullshit post while on my way to your fucking production!!

I am an anointed being! I am Mofe Duncan!! You don’t defame my character and get away with it! My God is alive, my mother’s prayers are with me, and I know who I fucking am!”