“You will be suing people to feed until you pay me my money” Ayisha Modi to Obrafour


Ghanaian rapper Obrafour is reportedly suing Drake for $10 million in a copyright infringement case. According to court documents that have surfaced online, Obrafour claims that Drake sampled his ‘Oye Ohene’ Remix on his track, ‘Calling My Name’, without seeking permission from him.

Although Drake had emailed Obrafour for clearance beforehand, he went ahead to release the track, which was featured on an album just days later. However, a Ghanaian businesswoman, Ayisha Modi, has criticized Obrafour for suing Drake without first repaying her investment in his album 13 years ago.

Modi claimed that she supported the production of Obrafour’s successful “Kasiebo” album but received no returns on her investment. She added that Obrafour should pay her back before suing anyone else and alleged that she cursed him and that karma would catch up with him until he tells the truth about her investment.

In an Instagram post, Modi wrote, “Concert party @mobrafour make sure you pay me back all the money I Ayisha Modi invested in ur Album 13 years ago before you sue someone wai… Karma and nature will catch up with ya.”