Yvonne Khisa denies rift with Crazy Kennar


Yvonne Khisa, former member of Crazy Kennar’s House of Comedy, has denied having any issues with the comedian.

In an interview with radio presenter Ankali Ray, Yvonne said that “all is well” between her and Kennar, and that the rumors of a fallout are not true.

She declined to disclose any information about what happened, but she said that Kennar had not caused any problems with the rest of the crew.

Yvonne’s interview contradicts a post she shared on her social media page a while back, in which she wrote, “Toxic people acting as victims is the funniest sh*t ever.” She also unfollowed Crazy Kennar on social media.

It is unclear what caused the rift between Yvonne and Kennar, but it is clear that there is some tension between them. Only time will tell if they are able to patch things up.