Zambian Musician Commits Suicide, Alleges Wife’s Infidelity


Zambian singer, and a member of a popular music group in the country, Ghetto Link, Nathan Mithi, has reportedly ended his life after accusing his wife, Sabby Phiri, of infidelity.

Mithi, who was laid to rest on Thursday, December 14, 2023, in a lengthy post on Facebook, narrated the experiences of his marriage to Phiri, accusing her of infidelity, deception, and a quest for a lavish lifestyle.

The singer also alleged he caught the wife having sex with other men on their marital bed, including a young boy related to him and a landlord, stressing his heart could no longer take his wife’s infidelity.

He wrote: “If you are seeing this then I am probably DEAD! Ati’ I need space’ kansi ah nyegesa kunja (however, she is sleeping around). Don’t Skip but learn from me. Sabby, you are the reason for my death.

“Why have I killed myself? I did it because I truly loved her from the bottom of my heart. My heart could not take the nonsense that she is into.

“But at the same time, it was true love for me. I have lost hope in love, I only see one woman in my life and that is her.

“Therefore! If I can’t have her, then let me rest in peace.

“Three of my own and two from two different fathers. I am not even sure if they are my kids. Chalo ichi.

“Anyway, enjoy your life, and party harder while you still can, your time is coming sooner! Dodx will never take you anywhere boi. Relax yourself.”