Zari slams Ugandan blogger who underwent weight loss procedure


Businesswoman Zari Hassan criticised Ugandan blogger Ritah Kaggwa, who recently underwent a procedure to eliminate unwanted body fat.

Zari took issue with the blogger’s actions, pointing out that the blogger had been engaging in subtle criticism directed at her.

This disagreement stemmed from Zari’s candid revelation about her own decision to undergo surgery for the purpose of removing excess belly fat.

While criticising Ritah openly, Zari stated that the blogger remains unchanged despite undergoing the liposuction procedure.

Zari went on to mention that Ritah appears bitter now that people are aware of the procedure she underwent, especially considering that she used to criticise those who chose to undergo similar procedures.

“When she was out here abusing people who’ve done bodies, now she is bitter her secret is public knowledge. She is doing sponsored mummy makeover,” Zari said.